The company, COPIELOR was founded in 2000 and operates in the area of photocopying, photocopiers and cashier machines providing services and products of highest quality at very competitive prices.

The fast development and vigorous dynamics of the company is due to the best possible provision of services before and after the purchase. COPIELOR distinguishes itself for its consistency, professional integrity and quality service. Our company is represented by highly qualified personnel with excellent sales records in the area of office equipment.

The sales network and the technical department of the company is now the most effective and respected since they are constantly informed about all the latest developments in the mentioned field through frequent seminars and appropriate training concerning new developments of machines and new technologies on the market.

The philosophy of COPIELOR is the individual evaluation of every customer of ours depending on his requirements with a unique approach to decreasing costs and increasing profit. The objective of the company is to maintain high quality standards and provide all the customers with the services built upon the principles of trust and professional security.